2017 PGUNY Picnic

Greetings Folks!

Nancy Sander has sent out her annual invitation for the Guild! I’ll be there, how about you?

PICNIC TIME!!! Yes, it’s that time of year again. Goonies, come on out to Verona Beach State Park (Exit 34 on the Thruway) on Saturday, September 2nd for our annual picnic.

We will be starting around noon and will stay as long as we want. Bring the following for eating: your meat (or entree), a dish to pass, eating utensils, beverage. The guild will supply condiments, plates. 

Puppet stuff: 1) anything for show-and-tell. 2) Any skit or potpourri. 3) Anything puppet oriented (puppets, books, material, fur, hair, craft stuff) for the “scotch auction”; a roll of dimes (or more)–it has to be dimes–to bid on items at the scotch auction 4) $7.00 per carload to enter the park. 

And last, but not least: does anyone have a workshop that he or she would like to present? Contact Nancy Sander at puppetswithpizazz@gmail.com. It doesn’t have to be long since our schedule is full, but it would be nice for those traveling far to have something new to take away. 

Stay tuned for further information. Updates will be posted here and on the PGUNY Facebook page.

How about that, gang? Can you make it?

Hope to see you there,

Nancy Hardy
President, Puppetry Guild of Upstate New York

Eastern NY Meet-up?

To you Goonies who live in the Albany area: I, Nancy Sander, will be in Rotterdam on August 23rd for a 6:30 show. What say you eastern Goonies: would you be up for meeting for a picnic/restaurant meet and then head for the show? Puppeteers’ meeting together is always such a boost. If this is a good idea, we need an organizer. Justin, is that you?

Voice Acting Exchange

John Koethen has raised the question of a Voice Exchange – a network of people willing to provide voice recordings for member’s puppet performances.

This thread is for members to discuss the idea.  If there is interest, we’ll set up a means to sign up as a voice artists.

The Gift of a Puppetry Performance

On February 7, 2015, Nancy Hardy and Jaissa maran-Kaiel presented an adaptation of an old Polish folk tale as a puppetry performance for friends of theirs in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  The story was told in a szopka, which is a traditional Polish puppet stage that originated in the churches of Poland in the Middle Ages.  The szopka was built by Nancy, and the puppets were made by Jaissa.

The story, originally about an apprentice baker who rescues a bee from drowning and is rewarded with a pot of honey that enables him to bake the finest gingerbread in the land, was re-written to include the groom’s pursuit of soap-making.  The show was presented immediately following their wedding ceremony, to the delight of all gathered.

Click here to see the performance.