Voice Acting Exchange

John Koethen has raised the question of a Voice Exchange – a network of people willing to provide voice recordings for member’s puppet performances.

This thread is for members to discuss the idea. ┬áIf there is interest, we’ll set up a means to sign up as a voice artists.

3 thoughts on “Voice Acting Exchange”

  1. Chuck:
    You have mentioned that this sort of thing could be achieved remotely using telephones via “podcasting” techniques. Could you walk me through how that would work?
    —-John Koethen

  2. Actually, what I was talking about was using a smartphone as a recording device. Most phones come with a voice-recorder app, and if not, one can easily be found in your phone’s app store.

    I have used my phone’s voice recorder for liver interviews and for recording short host segments or announcements for a podcast. Is it studio-quality? No. However, I think it is adequate for voice tracks for a live performance, given that there is usually enough ambient noise to make any issues with the voice track irrelevant.

    We have previously discussed editing audio for performances. I stand by my preferred audio editing program, Audacity, as a good program for mixing voice tracks with background music, and cleaning up your recordings.

    1. Thanks Chuck! Can you walk me through how you get a voice file off your phone and into a useable file type? When I try it the file has an “amr” file suffix and doesn’t open. Am I missing something? —John K

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